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20 Summer Fitness Tips From Experts

6. Burpees


It is the most comprehensive exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime. Three sets will give you a good cardio workout that boots your upper body, lower body, and core strength. It is the all in one exercise.

7. Keep a food log

food log

Keeping a record of what you eat is one the best ways to stay on track. Make it easy for yourself and download an app (Lose it) to keep track of your daily intake irrespective of where you are. Your goal should always be smaller meals.

8. Be food prepared


No matter where we are, we are frequently tempted to “grab and go” especially when travelling. Unfortunately most ready to go snacks are packed with so much calories and less nutrients. You could prevent that by getting some granola bars, nuts, and fruits in your carry-on bags.

9. Buddy up

buddy up

Accountability is everything. Having a partner makes you much more accountable, makes diet and fitness goals more fun. it not only sets you up for success in the buddy system accountability, you get someone to share your excitement whenever your goals are reached.

10. Carry a reusable water bottle

reusable bottle

Wherever you go or do always bring water with you. Our bodies coukd misread hydration for hunger which leads to over feeding and weight gain. Furthermore, when traveling on planes or higher attitudes in general, the amount of oxygen in the air reduces equating to dryer air and decreased body hydration. It can give your headaches, unhealthy food cravings and poor body awareness from fatigue. However, to be more alert and make right food choices, drink more water.

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