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20 Summer Fitness Tips From Experts

Although living a healthy lifestyle is be a nonstop year-round thing, the pressure to get a better body is on high during the summer with which we would use in bathing suits, tank tops, and less clothing than usual. Maintaining a healthy routine can be easily done at home as we prepare ahead for vacations and weekend getaways that inevitably happen. In order to make this possible, we got tips from three health and fitness experts who know their stuff.

1. Use your breath


If you want to get the best out of your breath, breathe through your diaphragm. To achieve this, imagine breathing in a 3D fashion; your ribcage should expend from front to back, top to bottom, left to right. Doing this will enable you burn extra calories and give extra energy during your workouts.

2. Use your body weight

use your body weight

In order to get great results, you need to nothing other than your own body weight. for example: the push up is a very common and simple exercise executed with your own bodyweight will enable you mold a sexy summer shoulders and a lovely firm midsection.

3. Pick up the pace


Regardless of your location, you can squeeze in some extra cardio at any time. You can decide to walk at a faster pace while breathing deeper to increase your heart rate. That is a mini cardio exercise.

4. No time? No problem! More intensity!


As long as you maximize your efforts, twenty minutes will get you into the zone of fat blasting and muscle building. The aim of a short workout is to reach your maximum personal intensity. When you feel like stopping, try pushing 10 more reps to maximize the hormonal response from your workout. Within 20 minutes, target your upper, middle, lower body with planks, crunches, pushups; workout is complete.

5. Find stairs

climbing stairs

Climbing stairs is a very effective cardio exercise and sharpens the lower body. You can always find stairs at almost every location. It could be within the area of a park or beach.

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