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9 Proofs You Need to Hydrate Your Body Cells

Maybe you feel bad simply because your body is dehydrated. Drink more water and you will feel healthier. Here is a list of reasons why water is so important.

1. Water boosts the immune system
When your body gets rid of various toxins, it absorbs vitamins and minerals from foods and drinks much more effectively. And water is the substance that delivers nutrients to the bloodstream that takes them to your organs. When each of your body cells receives plenty of nutrients, it can fight viruses and infections because your immune system is strong and can protect you from health conditions.

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2. Water promotes weight-loss
Have a bottle of still water at work, car and your backpack whenever you leave home. Drink it throughout the day. Water contains zero calories, but it is more important than food. Besides, we often take thirst for hunger. So before you order a meal, drink a glass of water and wait for at least 15 minutes to make sure you really need food.

9 Proofs You Need to Hydrate Your Body Cells Water promotes weight-loss
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