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These Creatures In The Wild Don’t Abide By Gender Roles

She’s Killer And She Runs Things


Julie Picardi / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

In the killer whale community, the females run things, and no one complains. And the males must be assertive at all times or else the lady orcas will easily take charge of the group. And that’s something they usually do.

The older female orcas are also the ones to guide the group to source food. The female orcas are essentially the reason why the family stays alive. Up next, a species where the females aggressively chase intercourse.

Fellas, Better Watch Out For Her!


Frank Liu / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

The societal narrative is that men need to be the go-getters. They are the gender that approaches the ladies first, as far as traditional courtship goes. While this is mostly true, the female Topi antelope goes against the grain big time.

While they are not promiscuous so to speak, the females get aggressive when it’s time to mate. Making the first move is nothing, they also bother the males for intercourse so much that the men have to fight them off sometimes. Imagine seeing that in the club.

Who Needs A Man?

Who Needs A Man?

Arterra/UIG via Getty Images

It’s no secret that snakes are deceptive creatures. Their abilities easily solidify that statement. Much like the Komodo dragon, some female snakes like Copperheads can give a virgin birth. They do not need their male counterpart to conceive an offspring.

This means that they have the power of both male and female reproductive functions at the same time. The secret is a particular cell called a polar body. It’s produced with an egg and sometimes acts like a sperm to fertilize.

The Unnatural Change Of Frogs



Frogs are interesting creatures, but not by nature. They perform gender changes because of environmental influences. Scientists have noticed frogs transitioning from male to female for some time, but now they are observing it in the wild.

When they make the switch, frogs develop all of the functioning reproductive features as well. The reason behind this is a weed killer called atrazine. The product was banned in Europe but has already entered several river streams and lakes. It reduced testosterone and dramatically boosted estrogen.

The Democracy Of African Buffalo


Godong/UIG via Getty Images

These buffalo are similar to the killer whales discussed earlier. That means being a female African buffalo can be stressful. They are in charge of deciding where and how the herd moves, and they handle it like a democracy.

For example, each female buffalo take turns standing up and looking towards a direction of interest. The whole group will then follow in that direction. It doesn’t sound like much, but the males must trust them enough to allow the females to take charge.

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