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These Pets With Snapchat Filters Will Brighten Your Day

The Cat That Sees Into The Future

valerie taylor pinterest.jpg

Valerie taylor / Pinterest

Either this cat has seen some things she would rather not tell, or she can look into the future. You pick what you want to believe. We’re going to say she was granted the power to see into the future after this filter was applied. That glare means a lot.

Glamourous Pup

brenda skeens pinterest.jpg

Brenda Skeens / Pinterest

This little puppy looks like she’s getting ready to head to the senior prom. The makeup is on point, and the bows on top finish the look. She’s got a sassy face going on as well so it would be best to stay out of her way.

Chubby Cheeks

kukadoo twitter.jpg

Kukadoo / Pinterest

This is one of the cutest filters to put on an animal. Making your precious pet a little chubbier never hurt. It makes them more loveable. The filter even made this dog’s smile bigger. All you need to do is make this your screensaver if you like cute chubby pups.

May I Help You?

taytay214 pinterestt.jpg

Taytay214 / Pinterest

This is one sophisticated dog. The glasses sit perfectly on his nose. The mustache compliments the glasses perfectly. This dog must be going places. That, or he has his B.S. in Biochem. We’ll settle for either or of those options. Professor Pup might be your next instructor.

Rainbow Snot

arata pinterest.jpg

Arata / Pinterest

Haters will say its photoshopped. This precious filter was all the rage when it first came out. Then someone figured out that you could do it to your dog. The results are as seen above. Clueless dogs were victims of filter usage beyond their will. Nothing will ever be the same.

The Cat In Love

mounica pinterest.jpg

Mounica / Pinterest

This cat is love struck. There is nothing that can to be done once you enter the phase of floating hearts. That pretty much signifies that you are head over heels for someone. We hope this cat has the power not to let this takeover its life.

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